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Weezer | Perfect Situation
Make Believe (2005) 



I love Tommy Wiseau more than anything or anyone.


I love Tommy Wiseau more than anything or anyone.

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dirt-lamb said: The fool, strength

The Fool (Something you’ve always wanted to try):

Curling. In high school, I wanted to, but then I would remember the time where I almost tripped and pushed the curling coach off a cliff.

Strength (Something you struggle with):

Mostly the idea that I’m graduating university in a year, yet I’m not moving right. I know I want to write, but it’s hard to really get contest winning material out there when my brains all screwy and uncooperative. That and because the idea of communicating with other writers makes me want to hurl myself out of a window.

neverfindloveinanopenhand said: The sun, the moon and the star

The Sun (Your happiest memory):

In high school, I had a crush on this girl that had philanthropy in her heart. Because of this, she stayed after school a lot to do things out of charity. Once, I joked about playing board games in the halls. I had no idea she took it literally. She brought Scrabble and this economy-based game, and we played for hours. We stayed for four hours, singing duets stupidly andgiggling like dumb children. GOODNESS.

The Moon (Something you fear):

There have been two occasions in my life where I’ve been cutting my nails and one of the nails ends up right by my eye. One of them happened before a guitar lesson. The other right after buying tickets for a Fall Out Boy concert. I don’t want that horror movie crap happening to me again.

The Star (Something you consider perfect):

Perfect Cell from Dragonball Z

This http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEmJH7JsKgM

impressionistdeathmatch said: Temperance, The Tower

Temperance (Your ideal day):

Talking about music and memes with a-glacial-pace, followed by hanging out at an ice cream joint to eat a box of pizza with wyntervee, and then talking about dicks with needless-noise.  Although, if I had a portal to Michigan, then that’d be cool, too.

The Tower (Something that changed your life):

This site has made my life topsy-turvy in the best possible way. I’ve met around 10 people from here in person and I’m still laughing at these strange memories.



(I’m legit crying at how I beat my own personal score of 30 correct responses. It’s the Teen Tournament, but I’m seriously just so happy)

TAROT ASKS: Let's "read my cards" while I get ready for a night out.

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Sara Quin – i wear my sunglasses (4,976 plays)


this is what Sara Quin sounds like when she’s drunk

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